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Terms for Eventyrholmen

      Some general terms  for the cabin and equipment.


Payment to be done when you have received your Quote, and full money back guarantee ass long you cancel your stay 48 hours before your stay on Covid 19 reasons.

for other reasons you must cancel your stay 7 day`s ahead of your stay.


you can choose to clean ut the cabin yourself after your stay, or buy a clean out service from us.

if you clean yourself then we expect the cabin to be in same order as when you arrived, and trash taken to asigned container, a placard for cleaning instructions and garbage container is located in the cabin. If the cabin has not been cleaned out according to this we will contact you and ask for the cleaning fee 1000,- nok +tax.

If you buy a cleaning service we will clean out the cabin, But you will need to take out the garbage and take of the linen on the beds.

 Boat and kayak rental.

we offer boat and kayak rental at our cabin, we will deliver the killswitch for the boat and padles for the kayak if you will rent them. there will be gas at the fuel tank, but make sure to check if there is enough fuel before you go out on a journey, there will be spare fuel in the cottage.

If the propeller gets damage you will get charged for a new propeller. and severe damage on the boat will be appraised and charged. sinking of boat or kayak will be charged the amount the cost for us to buy a new used boat or kayak.

Life west to be worn at all time for your own safety.   we have life west and fishing gear in the cottage, feel free to use this, 

                 Cabin accessories.

We would like to get a notification if you are unlucky and brake something in the cabin. ore something outside. Like fishing gear etc.


The cabin doesent have any parking spots, but we have a good neighbor that allows us to park on his property, but if there is any other cars on the parking we dont have the right to tell them to move, our neighbor has allowed people that fish in the area to park there and has stated that nobody can claim this parking, if it is available you can park here, this place is located just after the bridge to the left.

we can also park one car on the side of the road after the right exit before the bridge.

if no places are available for parking, then please park at the parking spot next to the Bus stop

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